Project Around the World

Hello, this is Sue-Ching. Welcome to my blog. This is a part of “GIVE+ PROJECT” that I have been doing since 2008.

The warm gesture of “giving” can be found in many places in our daily life. To give away something means to share. A quote from the movie "Into the Wild"(2007), “Happiness only real when shared.”

This project started in Santa Monica, USA. It has been going through several phrases of transformation. From giving artworks randomly on the street to collaboration with local schools, it has turned into a project that showed interesting stories in our everyday life.

This year (August 27th to November 18th, 2011), I completed this project by traveling around the world. The objective of the project is to observe and document teaching methods and student’s behavior in 7 countries, 9 cities, and 13 art classes. Most of the students drew my portrait by blind contour drawing technique or drew it freely.

Please click on the locations on the top left corner and join the journey with me. You are welcome to leave your comments anytime.


自2008年起, 我開始了一系列 “GIVE+ Project”. 去年在法國, 我和21個3或4歲大的小小學生共同創作, 他們將完成的畫送給最喜歡的人. 去年在台灣, 雲林成龍國小六年甲班全班共9個學生, 他們告訴我9個發生在當地動人故事, 並將當天課堂上完成的畫, 送去給故事裡的主人翁. 我將這兩個計畫的過程及成果發表在計畫部落格上. 我們也從中獲得成就感及體會了施比受更有福的快樂.

今年(2011)8月27日到11月18日, 我已經完成了階段性的目標, 旅程涵蓋3大洲, 7個國家, 9個城市, 並有13個班級及老師共同參與我的環球網路創作計劃.

請點選左上角的國家及城市, 欣賞小朋友們天真的畫作. 也歡迎大家留言.